Jabari “Powerhouse” Pendleton

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Jabari Pendleton in Saint Louis

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Tribute Shut-Ins

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Peep this new Indoor clip filmed during Portland’s rainy season from Tribute Skateboards HERE.

Featuring: Andy Westhusing, Colin Crespino, Jeremy McCallum, Josh Beaudry, Mike Chin, Nikhil Thayer, Ryan Casado, Spencer Crimin, Tyson Reynolds.

Nate Keegan in Columbia

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Nate went to Bogota, Colombia for a hot one and filmed this part with the homie Maximiliano Lamar for his video Tecnica Bogota.

Jabari Pendleton

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Ando Photo

Olivier “Tavu” Ente

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Tavu rides for Western Edition via Riot Distribution in France.  He has an article in this month’s Sugar magazine which has been one of our favorite skateboard periodicals for many years.

FTC For The Cash Contest

March 30, 2010 - Leave a Response

Ando really made it happen with this one.   Never  underestimate the power of weed, cheez-itz and 1,000+ man hours of EA Skate.  This was pretty much the illest skateboarding event i have ever seen.  Dweezy (Dwayne Galloway) kinda killed it!  Keegie Smalls had an east coast run while Mecky was drinking a beer or something.  Lazy…

Brad Johnson Skates Puerto Rico

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Ian Johnson Show April 2nd at Park Life

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Park Life is pleased to announce the opening of Ian Johnson’s newest exhibition of drawings and paintings titled, Of The Living Sky. This show will feature works on paper and wood panel. The show will run from April 2nd – May 1st.

Western Edition x Diamond

March 2, 2010 - Leave a Response

We finally got around to doing something with Nick at Diamond.  We started roughly around the same time as him so its kind of rad to do it after over ten years in the game.  We never forget the little people we knew way back when.  Shouts out Joey 6 footer.  And Sade…

artwork by Ian Johnson

available at FTC and Diamond stores

photos stolen from Hypebeast